Meet The Band

Callum Moran


More than one hundred years prior to Andy Warhol’s prediction of the 15-minutes-of fame phenomenon, a 19th century sage once said:

“It’s only too easy to catch people’s attention by doing something worse than anyone else has dared to do it before.”

Never was this truer; than with Callum Moran’s desperate attempt to clutch a rung of the ladder of popular music by joining a band and mimicking singers much skinnier and more successful. Nevertheless, the guy does try. Props for effort.

Ross Clark


Black King Cobra’s resident whirling dervish. Ross’ sonic dexterity and wizardry has cleft many an audience in twain.

His cheeky, larger than life, fuelled-by-Red Bull-and-Freddos manner is both enamouring yet deeply troubling.

Like a basket of kittens hanging off the edge of a cliff. You’re left with many questions and feelings. Mainly of intense confusion and worry.
But gosh darn it, it’s still cute as hell.

Rob Kennedy


Our Low-End-Friend Rob is fairly new to the Bass. Having only played for around 4 years, he has proved that actions speak louder than words and that face-melting bass lines and “Roppity-Boppity-Slap-Fests” speak even louder.

His deep love for music and for playing on a stage have made him an invaluable member of our Groovy Group.

His passion and his drive made him stand out to us and his personality, much like that of a stray dog that you nurse back to health then decide to keep, is... infectious. To say the least.

Lloyd Griffiths


Lloyd is the newest member of Black King Cobra and is fresh out of the Academy of Contemporary Music. The depth, breadth and ferocious attention to detail of his musical knowledge spans many genres and instruments and his practical competence behind a drum kit makes him a truly versatile powerhouse (he also skelps the tubs pretty hard too)

Lloyd is probably the most reserved out of all the band members but since joining us late 2018, he has opened up and isn’t afraid to be just as goofy as the rest of us. Like approaching a cautious pet for the first time, it takes but a few minutes to realise he has a truly loveable personality.

Often found exactly where he’s meant to be, and more often than not bang on time; Lloyd is a reliable, witty, charming and very often a calming influence on our musical mayhem

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