Black King Cobra were established in 2017, their understanding of genre boundaries is on par with their knowledge of quantum mechanics. That being said, they often refer to themselves as a bridge band; offering the hardcore rock fans a taste of more pop/indie aesthetics and the charts listeners an opportunity to embrace filthy guitar work with light, hooky vocals. Hasn’t panned out yet but you have to respect their commitment.

Like a tapestry being torn apart by some angry kittens, their early days were tumultuous and frayed. In other words; overcast by member changes as well as financial hardship.  Like pretty much every other band ever really.  Despite this, they've still somehow managed to release two EPS since their inception.  2017 saw the release of Blood Rush whilst 2018 saw them take things up a notch with Law of Attraction.  With their debut album expected in 2020, they're well worth sticking with.

Vocals: Callum Moran

Guitar: Ross Clark

Bass: Rob Kennedy

Drums: Lloyd Griffiths

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